A rich arsenal of attacks by Billy in the trailer Dishonored Death of the Outsider

This month, Dishonored comes out as a separate add-on : Death of the Outsider , and before it’s released, players will find it helpful to know what kind of combat skills the protagonist Billy Lerke has.

In a new video, creative director Harvey Smith talked about the abilities of Billy, which she draws from the artifacts of the Void. For example, the ability to “Void Stroke” allows Billy to naturally “rush through the Void” into enemies. This attack allows you to easily deal with the enemy.

The “Replacement” ability is an alternative force to Billy, allowing the protagonist to move quickly between two points in any direction and almost simultaneously be in two places at once, choosing the right on the fly.

Billy can also at will summon a sword from his Void Hand and listen to the whispers of the rats. However, the most impressive ability with a booby trap that attracts enemies is left at the end of the roller.

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