Publisher LawBreakers suffered heavy losses due to the game and blames PUBG for its failure

Nexon, the publisher of shooter LawBreakers , said that Cliff Bleszinski’s new game was the main reason for the publisher’s financial losses in the third quarter.

The financial results of the game turned out to be lower than expected, and in part Nexon blamed it on PUBG : “We had big expectations for the release of the game, but the time was chosen unsuccessfully. This was especially influenced by the large PC-blockbuster PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which made the market environment very difficult for shooters with a first-person view in general and for LawBreakers in particular. ”

In general, PUBG and LawBreakers can hardly be called direct competitors, since games are essentially different in mechanics by shooters. Nevertheless, there may be a small general audience, given the popularity of PUBG among players of all stripes, and therefore the shadow falls on many projects.

Nexon said LawBreakers is responsible for most of the impairment loss, which in the third quarter was $ 32.6 million. Nexon CEO Siro Uemura stressed that the company will no longer bear the impairment loss due to LawBreakers. An impairment loss is a decrease in the carrying amount of an asset (in this case, video games) that exceeds the projected cash flow from its release.

In the current situation, this means that Nexon has written off LawBreakers from the accounts and can refuse the game altogether. The company does not say how much of the specified amount was lost on LawBreakers.

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