PlatinumGames Studio is preparing itself to publish its new game

According to the producer of the PlatinumGames studio Atsushi Inaba, the developers intend to publish their next game. Now the team is considering various ideas for a new project, and only in the last year there were about 70 proposals for the design of the future game.

Ina interviewed by GameInformer Inaba said: “One of the areas on which Platinum is focused is the creation of our own IP object, our own game. Until now, we, of course, worked on many original projects for a wide range of publishers. But we are increasingly interested in the idea of ​​”samizdat” and developing our own title. ”

Among the works of PlatinumGames with large publishers is the excellent NieR: Automata under the leadership of Square Enix, the co-operation with Nintendo for the development of Bayonetta 2 and Activision for Transformers: Devastation . But the studio’s own project, according to Inaba, will not be a high-budget AAA-title.

“We can not release an AAA game for $ 10 million, because we simply do not have the same money as an independent developer. Nevertheless, we are not going to go through indie studios, when only a few people are working on the game, so our version will be somewhere in between, “Inaba said, adding that a collet of about 20 people is a healthy choice.

In this case, most of the studio staff, numbering about 200 people in the state, will work on the next project for the publisher – the slasher Bayonetta 3 , announced at The Game Awards 2017 .

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  1. Assassin'sX

    February 17, 2018 at 1:21 am

    Please inform me 4 the release of this game. it’s preview are good with interest in the story.


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