New trailer RAID World War II with John Cleese of the comedy band Monty Python

Cooperative action RAID: World War II , or, as it is also called, ” Payday about World War II”, acquired a new trailer, which starred unsurpassed British actor and member of the comedy band “Monty Python” John Cleese.

In the video, Sir Cleese introduces the audience to the dead German general and begins reading out a letter to “dear Mr. Hitler.” The very letter addressed to the Fuhrer is written on behalf of the Allies, who promise to turn Nazi Germany “into a nation of widows”.

The video turned out with a fair amount of black humor, very suitable for the game, but how much it is worthy of such a quality trailer is another matter. The release of RAID: World War II will be held on September 26 on the PC, and then it becomes clear what the project is.

On the consoles the game will be released in early October.

[video id=’XARRgLUzSiA” width=”760″ height=”428″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”>

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