The new nation will appear in War Thunder - France

In War Thunder the seventh playable nation will soon appear – it will be France. Already in the nearest update 1.73 in the game will be more than 30 French aircraft – from fighters of the 30s to multi-functional post-war jet models.

A characteristic feature of the French aircraft industry was the desire for the universality of combat aircraft. During the war, this idea was embodied in the models of assault aviation, and in the post-war period it was actually the standard for new jet planes. Successful combinations of hanging and course weapons allowed such aircraft to successfully perform various tasks, not limited only to the role of a bomber or fighter.

Verify the versatility of French aircraft War Thunder players will be able to use the example of an unusual fighter with a pushing screw SNCASO SO.8000 Narval. He is able to perform a variety of tasks – from intercepting enemy aircraft to supporting ground forces and reconnaissance.

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