Future games God of War can explore Egyptian or May mythology

Director God of War Corey Barlog argues that the developers in this game is not going to stop. After the Scandinavian mythology Kratos may go “explore” in his corporate style of Egyptian or May gods.

“The series games in Greece were part of the Greek era of God of War. The next system of beliefs, the mythology with which Kratos interacts, will be the Scandinavian era of God of War. But we can come as a result to the Egyptian era, or May, or some other, “- said Barlog in an interview with GameInformer.

However, setting is not the only change in the series. In the new game, a special emphasis is placed on exploring the world, on the interaction of Kratos with his son and on the changed cell: “The franchise is out of date. And I thought that for the invention of the series anew we will need to change many things. ”

Release of God of War is expected in the first quarter of this year (according to rumors, in March), and the passage will take about 25-35 hours.

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