The development of Destiny 2 was completely rebooted 16 months before the release

Available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, the Destiny 2 MMO shooter from Activision and Bungie has often been a source of discontent in the gaming community – and that seems to have a good reason.

Video game journalist Jason Schreyer said that Destiny 2 fell victim to development problems in the production process. According to him, the time to develop the game was allocated less than the original Destiny . Moreover, in early 2016 the development was restarted and started almost from scratch.

The game began to oversee the new director, Luke Smith, who took the place of his unnamed predecessor. This employee left Bungie. In this case, only 16 months have elapsed between the restart of the game development and the release.

Recall that the original Destiny was in development (given the period of pre-production) for five years – 16 months for Destiny 2 is in no way comparable to this deadline. Schreier added that many elements of the planned content for the sequel were for this reason written off.

Among the “missed opportunities” are some familiar characters and planets that players could visit. The development team under the new leadership has concentrated for this reason on developing new content, rather than improving the existing mechanic.

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